Tuesday, 22 January 2013

You Move Me

The house is at last attracting some real interest from prospective buyers.  Moving house has been likened to Death and Divorce in terms of the amount of stress it engenders.  To me it feels like the end of a relationship.  We grew this house ourselves, starting out as a small weekend escape from busy London lives, via 2 major extensions into a family house designed how we wanted it to work.  All within the constraints of tight rural planning laws as it also sits in a beautiful location with stunning views of the valley and the river.

Money, time and love were all invested in it.

And I took living here for granted. Rather like the way you do with being part of a long-standing relationship.   I always appreciated it of course, it was impossible not to.  But I didn't expect to be moving away from it in the forseeable future.  Until realising that the future is unforseeable, that circumstances would mean we needed to sell it in order to raise money.

 And now it is being taken from me, new people are wooing it, going to love it enough to build a new relationship with it.  I am so very jealous of them.  I loved it first.  For nearly 20 years. I will let it go, but it will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.